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My Background & Training

As part of my master’s and doctoral training in psychology at the University of Denver, I provided child and adolescent therapy and assessments at The Children’s Center at Families First and St. Anne’s elementary school, worked with adult clients at the University of Denver Professional Psychology Center, and provided couples therapy at Access Counseling, Boulder, CO. Subsequently, I completed an APA accredited internship at The Karen Horney Clinic in New York City working with children, adolescents and adults. I then furthered my training in child psychology as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at Oakland Children’s Hospital. Thereafter, I was given an opportunity to gain advanced training at the Elizalde Hospital del Niños in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition to my private practice, I currently serve as a staff psychologist and supervisor at the Ann Martin Center, where I work with Oakland elementary school students.

My Approach

While my work is informed by attachment theory, family systems, psychodynamic and contemporary analytic theories, I also incorporate cognitive and behavioral techniques when appropriate. I develop targeted strategies for each individual so that concerns are addressed, personal goals are met, and new hope transpires through symptom alleviation, increased insight, and understanding.

With focused listening, I strive to create an atmosphere of respect and understanding, while being compassionate, non-judgmental and engaged. I also provide an interactive space where we can explore family and relationship patterns and address your specific needs. I tailor sessions to best meet each client’s unique challenges, developing trusting relationships that help him or her move towards a life of playfulness, passion and purpose.

I bring over a decade of experience working with a diverse range of individuals. Using an integrative approach, I offer both open-ended and brief therapy and believe there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Your unique journey is made up of the circumstances, choices, beliefs and values that make up your reality. Together, we will determine new ways to bring tranquility, vitality, and fulfillment to your life.

Getting Started

Choosing a therapist or making the decision to begin therapy is a courageous, important, and often difficult decision. Finding a therapist with whom you connect, who makes you feel comfortable, who you trust, and who is compassionate and capable of conveying a deep sense of understanding and respect, is essential.

I hope this site provides you with an introduction to me that will assist you in making a decision about whether I can meet your therapy needs. You may email or call me to set up a free phone consultation and ask me any questions you have about my practice. If you decide you would like to meet in person, we’ll set up a time, and take the first few sessions to get to know each other and figure out how we might work together. If for some reason we discover that a different person or approach would better meet your therapeutic needs, I will be happy to provide you with names of other psychotherapists.

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