Being a parent is the toughest job in the world. Our children challenge us daily, career and financial stress is demanding, the pressure of managing a household is real, and finding time to connect with our partners and friends is elusive. And forget about time to oneself; no wonder we feel overwhelmed.

While much is known about effective parenting, the information in books, on websites, through the TV and media, is often inconsistent, unreliable and confusing. Not to mention, who has the time to research and understand all of the material? My role is to help you navigate your child’s world and make sense of what is causing and maintaining his or her challenges and distress. And by relieving your child’s distress, yours in turn is alleviated.

 Parents bring their child to see a child psychologist for a variety of reasons. The majority of challenges fall in the realm of academic and emotional concerns, with emotional concerns encompassing behavioral and relationship struggles at home and at school. Most often there exists an overlap between academic and emotional problems, which is why, I believe, a thorough initial interview is warranted. I meet with parents before meeting with the child and encourage parents to participate in collateral meetings as often as indicated. I seek to understand the whole child, not merely a diagnosis or label.

 While talking is the fundamental interaction in adult therapy, play is the medium by which children communicate their underlying needs and emotional upset. Most often, children are unable to resolve or even express their worries and challenges through dialogue, yet within the context of a warm, consistent, and safe space, children are able to take on and overcome all sorts of problems.

 I understand that getting help for your child can feel like a daunting task. Working with me, we will form a team approach, utilizing the unique strengths of your family, to figure out what is going on, how to solve your problems, and how to help your child overcome his or her challenges.

 If you would like to discuss what would be best for your child and family, or to set up an initial consultation, I encourage you to contact me.

 I look forward to talking with you.